Manbundi Breeding History

Our Breeders Prefix was issued in June 2011 and since that time we have recorded the development of the following litters.

LILLY (Retired)

Lilly is a smaller than average sized Blenheim coloured King Charles Cavalier with excellent markings. She is a posh girl who has a very cute face. Lilly has had the following litters:

SUZIE (Retired)

Suzie is a strong healthy beautifully marked Blenheim coloured Cavalier. She is an excellent mother and has a delightful friendly personality.

  1. Previous matings with Wildee
  2. Suzie is now retired from breeding and will no longer have anymore litters. She is simply enjoying herself with life on the farm.


Daisy is a registered pure bred miniature Poodle. She is apricot in colour and she has the most delightful personality. Very friendly, loves interaction and grooming. Daisy has an amazing attraction to all things water. She loves a bath and swimming in our dams.

Matings with Ralph

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